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Focus On the HCP Genome™

As information moves from a push model to a pull or modified push/pull model, the need to identify information seekers in real-time has grown exponentially. It is impossible to provide highly relevant, high-value information to an unknown information seeker. The HCP Genome, developed by OneWorld, Inc. in New Jersey, can positively identify more than four-million healthcare professionals spanning across the continuum of healthcare delivery.

Focus On the Continuum of Healthcare Delivery

The emerging healthcare model focuses on value to all these stakeholders in the continuum of healthcare delivery:

» Doctors
» NPs
» PAs
» RNs
» Pharmacists
» Therapists
» Psychologists
» Social Workers
» Patients
» Caregivers
» & Others
Medical Staff

Focus on the OnDemand Relationship®

Value is defined individually by each stakeholder in the continuum of healthcare delivery, whereas the exchange of information is bidirectional. Each touchpoint should provide high-value information to the information seeker and, at the same time, provide meta-information to the information provider. When properly processed and organized in an operational data store, meta-information provides significant insights into the ever-changing demand for healthcare information. It also contributes to an OnDemand Relationship between information providers and information seekers. OnDemand Relationships significantly improve the information seeker's experience at every touchpoint while driving loyalty and increasing shares of attention.

Keeping It Personal: The Convention Communication Channel

Personal communication, by far the most effective form of communication, is the basis for two key pharmaceutical communication channels—the field and the exhibit booth. Unfortunately, rising costs, decreased HCP access, and the need to involve patients and other members of the healthcare delivery continuum, present significant challenges to the current pharmaceutical field channel. As a result, the exhibit booth at clinical meetings and consumer health fairs, when integrated into a total Convention Communication Channel program, is gaining increased importance.