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For more than 20 years, OneWorld, Inc., headquartered in New Jersey, has partnered with leading pharmaceutical, diagnostic, and device companies to design, develop, and deploy global information-exchange solutions across the continuum of healthcare delivery. These solutions are based on an integrated multi-channel, relationship marketing (RM) model, using real-time heuristic learning. The result of effective channel integration is an On-Demand Relationship® that provides a true 360-degree view of relevant healthcare professionals (HCPs).

As the flow of information evolves from a push to a pull or modified push/pull model, real-time, accurate identification of each touchpoint participant has been critical. This process also extends to compliance and reporting at the federal, state, and local levels.

OneWorld's HCP Genome™ effectively identifies more than four-million HCPs in an on-demand environment. Of note, there are only two personal information-exchange opportunities in healthcare—the field and the exhibit booth. OneWorld's Convention Communication Channel (CCC) offers in-booth, educational touchpoints and experiences using advanced HCP-aware models and state-of-the-art, multi-touch panels and iPads. These tools provide full integration of RM data from disparate sources, such as Customer Interaction Repositories (CIR), Operational Data Stores (ODS), Data Warehouses (DW), and Customer Master Repositories (CM).

OneWorld also designs, develops and manufactures these high-tech, educational items, which provide long-term value for HCPs and their patients. These items:

» Effectively support reps' communication efforts when used in the field.

» Effectively attract attendees to the booth and support each brand's post-event communication efforts when used at conventions/congresses.

» Comply fully with HCC rules and regulations.

» Collect and report usage statistics and HCP and patient feedback.

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