Focus on the HCP Genome™

As information moves from a push model to a pull or modified push/pull model, the need
to identify information seekers in real-time has grown exponentially. read more >>

Focus on the Continuum of Healthcare Delivery

The emerging healthcare model focuses on value to all stakeholders in the continuum of
healthcare delivery—doctors, NPs, PAs, RNs, pharmacists, therapists, psychologists,
social workers, patients, caregivers and others.

Focus on the OnDemand Relationship®

Value is defined individually by each stakeholder in the continuum of healthcare delivery.
Information exchange is bidirectional. Each touch point should provide high-value
information to the information seeker and, at the same time, provide meta-information
to the information provider. When properly processed and organized in an operational
data store, meta-information provides significant insights into the ever-changing demand
for healthcare information.

Keeping It Personal: The Convention Communication Channel

Cross-Channel Integration
The true customer experience

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